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Oberfränkisches Textilmuseum (Textile Museum) Helmbrechts

Aything but boredom – holiday fun at the textile museum

For children from the age of 6 years, always from 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Price for each course €3.00 plus material costs


Ein kleiner Teppich für dich
A disused fruit crate becomes a weaving frame for you to weave a small carpet from strips of fabric.


Tücher kann man immer gebrauchen
Silk scarves are painted with random patterns.


Windlichter für den Garten
We create an atmospheric lantern from wood, twigs and fabrics.


Wir drucken Kachelmuster
We print a tile pattern on t-shirts or bags with fabric paint and home-made paper stencils.


Kleine Täschchen für allerlei Krimskrams
We weave ourselves a small sack or bag.


Lustige Männchen und Fantasiewesen
We create fun figures with twigs and wool.

Please register for each event by phone or email.